Keysight 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit Data Acquisition

Manufacturer: Keysight Product Series: 349XX Series
Base Model: 34980A Total Listings: 10 Units
Description: Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit Data Acquisition
Data Sheet PDF: Download 34980A Data Sheet
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Keysight 34980A
The 34980A is a Data Logger from Agilent. Data loggers, or data recorders, collect information over time for a variety of purposes. A data logger uses internal memory and sensors to gather and document information on a 24-hour basis. Receive an accurate and comprehensive picture of the environmental conditions you’re monitoring as the device logs this information around the clock. Use data logging to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, soil moisture levels, road traffic,
Keysight 34980A
Keysight Agilent 34980A Multifunction Switch / Measure Unit
Keysight 34980A
AGILENT (Used) 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Mainframe, Refurbished
Keysight 34980A
Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
Keysight 34980A Multifunction Switch / Measure Unit - Calibrated
Keysight 34980A-001
Agilent 34980A - Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
Keysight 34980A
Agilent 34980A - Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
Keysight 34980A
Agilent 34980A - Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
Keysight 34980A
Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
Keysight 34980A-DMM
Agilent 34980A - Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
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Keysight 34980A Product Overview
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Key Features & Specifications

  • Eight-slot mainframe, choice of 21-plug-in modules 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit Summary
  • Built-in DMM with 6½ digits (22 bits) of resolution
  • Scan rates of up to 1000 channels/second
  • Standard LAN, USB, and GPIB connectivity to PC, LXI compliant
  • Easy remote access with built-in Web interface
  • Priced up to 40% less than comparable module solutions in VXI or PXI
  • Up to 560 2-wire mux or 4096 matrix cross-points in one mainframe
  • Free BenchLink Data Logger software for easy data collection and analysis


The Keysight 34980A is a flexible, reliable switching and data acquisition platform with more than 20 modules to help you customize your test system. Available at a price that is up to 40% less than comparable modular solutions in VXI or PXI.

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Keysight 349XX Series
2116 Keysight34307AData AcquisitionThermocouple Kit
2106 Keysight34825AData AcquisitionBenchLink Data Logger 3 Software for 34970A/34972A
2176 Keysight34826AData AcquisitionBenchLink Data Logger for 34980A - CD Only
2107 Keysight34830AData AcquisitionBenchLink Data Logger Pro Software for 34970A/34972A
2152 Keysight34832AData AcquisitionBenchLink Data Logger Pro Software for 34980A
2108 Keysight34901AData Acquisition20 Channel Multiplexer (2/4-wire) Module for 34970A/34972A
2109 Keysight34902AData Acquisition16 Channel Multiplexer (2/4-wire) Module for 34970A/34972A
2110 Keysight34903AData Acquisition20 Channel Actuator/GP Switch Module for 34970A/34972A
2111 Keysight34904AData Acquisition4 x 8 Two-Wire Matrix Module for 34970A/34972A
2112 Keysight34905AData Acquisition2 GHz Dual 1:4 RF Mux, 50 Ohm Module for 34970A/34972A
2113 Keysight34906AData Acquisition2 GHz Dual 1:4 RF Mux, 75 Ohm Module for 34970A/34972A
2114 Keysight34907AData AcquisitionMultifunction Module for 34970A/34972A
2115 Keysight34908AData Acquisition40 Channel Single-Ended Multiplexer Module for 34970A/34972A
2118 Keysight34921AData Acquisition40-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 34980A
2139 Keysight34921TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34921A and L4421A Multiplexer
2119 Keysight34922AData Acquisition70-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 34980A
2140 Keysight34922TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34922A Multiplexer
2120 Keysight34923AData Acquisition40/80 Channel Reed Multiplexer for 34980A
2141 Keysight34923TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34923A Multiplexer
2121 Keysight34924AData Acquisition70-Channel Reed Multiplexer for 34980A
2142 Keysight34924TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34924A Multiplexer
2122 Keysight34925AData Acquisition40/80 Channel Optically Isolated FET Multiplexer for 34980A
2143 Keysight34925TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34925A Multiplexer
2123 Keysight34931AData AcquisitionDual 4x8 Armature Matrix for 34980A
2144 Keysight34931TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34931A Matrix
2124 Keysight34932AData AcquisitionDual 4x16 Armature Matrix for 34980A
2145 Keysight34932TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34932A Matrix
2125 Keysight34933AData AcquisitionDual/Quad 4x8 Reed Matrix for 34980A
2146 Keysight34933TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34933A and L4433A 4x8 Matrix
2126 Keysight34934AData AcquisitionQuad 4x32 Reed Matrix for 34980A
2127 Keysight34937AData Acquisition32-Channel FormC/Form A General Purpose Switch for 34980A
2147 Keysight34937TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34937A and L4437A GP Switch
2128 Keysight34938AData Acquisition20-Channel 5A Form A Switch for 34980A
2148 Keysight34938TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34938A 20-Channel 5 Amp Form A Switch
2129 Keysight34939AData Acquisition64-Channel Form A General Purpose Switch for 34980A
2130 Keysight34941AData AcquisitionQuad 1x4 50 Ohm 3 GHz Multiplexer Module for 34980A
2131 Keysight34942AData AcquisitionQuad 1x4 75 Ohm 1.5 GHz Multiplexer Module for 34980A
2132 Keysight34945AData AcquisitionSwitch/Attenuator Driver for 34980A
2133 Keysight34946AData AcquisitionDual 1x2 SPDT Terminated Microwave Switch Module for 34980A
2135 Keysight34950AData Acquisition64-bit Digital I/O with Memory and Counter for 34980A
2149 Keysight34950TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34950A and L4450A 64-bit digital I/O
2136 Keysight34951AData Acquisition4-Channel D/A Converter with Waveform Memory for 34980A
2150 Keysight34951TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34951A and L4451A D/A converter
2137 Keysight34952AData AcquisitionMultifunction Module with 32-bit DIO, 2-ch D/A and Totalizer for 34980A
2151 Keysight34952TData AcquisitionTerminal Block for 34952A and L4452A Multifunction
2138 Keysight34959AData AcquisitionBreadboard Module for 34980A
373 Keysight34970AData AcquisitionData Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit
2104 Keysight34972AData AcquisitionLXI Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit
2117 Keysight34980AData AcquisitionMultifunction Switch/Measure Unit
2175 KeysightY1130AData AcquisitionRackmount kit for 34980A
2174 KeysightY1131AData AcquisitionVerification and diagnostic tools
2173 KeysightY1132AData AcquisitionModule extender for 34980A
2153 KeysightY1134AData AcquisitionRow Expansion Cables for 34934C and 34934T
2172 KeysightY1135AData Acquisition1.5 m 50-pin Dsub Cable
2171 KeysightY1136AData Acquisition3 m 50-pin Dsub Cable
2170 KeysightY1137AData Acquisition1.5 m 78-pin Dsub Cable
2169 KeysightY1138AData Acquisition3 m 78-pin Dsub Cable
2168 KeysightY1139AData AcquisitionSolder cup connector kit
2167 KeysightY1140AData AcquisitionSolder cup connector kit
2166 KeysightY1141AData AcquisitionSolder cup connector kit
2165 KeysightY1142AData AcquisitionSolder cup connector kit
2164 KeysightY1150AData Acquisition34945EXT distribution board for 8 N181x SPDT switches
2163 KeysightY1151AData Acquisition34945EXT distribution board for two 87104x/106x L7x0xx multiport or 87406B matrix switches
2162 KeysightY1152AData Acquisition34945EXT distribution board for one 87204x/206x or 87606B switch and two N181x switches
2161 KeysightY1153AData Acquisition34945EXT distribution board for two 84904/5/6/7/8 or 8494/5/6 step attenuators
2160 KeysightY1154AData Acquisition34945EXT distribution board for two 87222, L7222C transfer switches and six N181x SPDT switches
2159 KeysightY1155AData Acquisition34945A distribution board w/ generic screw terminals for driving 16 switch coils
2155 KeysightY1156AData AcquisitionDiagnostics board to verify switch control signals Recommended for troubleshooting purposes
2158 KeysightY1157AData Acquisition9-to-10 pin cable kit for Y1150A, Y1152A, Y1154A
2157 KeysightY1158AData Acquisition10-to-10/10-to-14 pin cable kit for Y1153A, Y1154A
2156 KeysightY1159AData Acquisition16-to-16 pin cable kit for Y1150A/51A/52A/53A/54A/55A
2154 KeysightY1160AData AcquisitionEIA Rack Sliding Shelf Installation Kit
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