Keysight E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set Wireless Device Test Sets & Wireless Solution

Manufacturer: Keysight
Base Model: E6651A Total Listings: 4 Units
Description: Mobile WiMAX Test Set Wireless Device Test Sets & Wireless Solution
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Keysight E6651A
Keysight / Agilent E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set
Keysight E6651A
Mobile WiMAX Test Set
Keysight E6651A
Agilent_E6651A: Mobile Wimax Test Set (Opt.506, 6M1)(0134)
Keysight E6651A-506
Mobile WiMAX Test Set- MiMO 2.7 GHz- 450 MHz to 2.7 GHz
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Keysight E6651A Product Overview
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Key Features & Specifications

Keysight E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set


  • WiMAX Forum®-validated PCT and NCT solutions
  • Key component in RPT systems
  • Minimise test house usage with pre-RCT and pre-mIOT test capabilities


  • TTCN-3 protocol test case support
  • Built-in base station emulation supports network entry, data connection and data transfer for WiMAX™ Mobile Station (MS) Test
  • Stack-based protocol tests
  • Real-time protocol debug and analysis

RF performance

  • Instrument grade signal source and signal analyzer to 6GHz
  • Two downlink channels for MIMO MS test
  • Full suite of RF parametric tests
  • Automation software provides ready-to-use test plans

Functional and application test

  • End-to end IP connection with >10Mbps data throughput rate (UDP)
  • MS and BS-initiated handover support
  • Sleep and idle mode support for functional and battery life testing
  • PKMv2 encryption and pass-through support to a FreeRADIUS AAA server for security testing


The E6651A represents a significant breakthrough in mobile WiMAX testing. It offers a unique combination of flexible base station emulation and RF parametric tests in one integrated unit, with support for IEEE 802.16e 2005 Protocol Conformance Test (PCT). This extends Keysight’s unmatched portfolio of WiMAX test solutions for development, verification and conformance customers.

The E6651A Mobile WiMAX test set is a universal tool that can be used by different groups within an engineering company - for example, by those focused on protocol development, RF and baseband verification, or application integration - so this test asset never sits idle.

The E6651A provides instrument-grade RF signal generation and signal analysis capability up to 6GHz capable of addressing current and planned WiMAX profiles. A suite of RF measurements can be used for characterization, calibration, and verification of WiMAX transmitter and receiver performance. The addition of the N6422C WiMAX Wireless Test Manager makes it easy to automate test plans and increase test coverage.

To enable mobile stations to be tested to the latest WiMAX standards, MIMO options for Wave 2 testing are available on the E6651A. Capabilities include an additional downlink channel for mobile station testing and support for the following IO-MIMO modes:

  • Downlink Space-Time Coding (STC) (Matrix A)
  • Downlink Spatial Multiplexing (MIMO) (Matrix B)
  • Uplink Collaborative Spatial Multiplexing

Hardware upgrades (E6651AU) are available to add MIMO capability to earlier revisions of instrument hardware

The N6421A WiMAX protocol logging & analysis software and the E6655A WiMAX lab application extend the capability of the E6651A into protocol and end-to-end application functional test. These tools allow users to test, stress, and debug the protocol and data-handling capabilities of their designs and to perform functional regression testing.

The E6651AS-1SY software and technical support contract entitles users to software updates and feature enhancements for the E6651A firmware, the E6655A WiMAX lab application, N6421A WiMAX protocol logging & analysis software and the N6422C/N6423C WiMAX wireless test manager. Access to product experts for technical support is also provided. Submit and manage your technical support cases online at My Support Center.

When equipped with the N6430A PCT and NCT solutions, the E6651A Mobile WiMAX test set allows equipment developers and test houses to run validated protocol test cases to verify that their implementations conform to WiMAX standards. Developers can also create custom TTCN-3 test cases to fully stress the limits of their designs. The N6430A Protocol Conformance Test solutions support both base station and subscriber station testing.

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